Sunday, November 27, 2011

Karin & Craig's San Francisco Wedding

This weekend, Bowerbird Photography had a wonderful time taking wedding photographs and wedding videos at Craig and Karin's creative and beautiful Día de los Muertos inspired celebration.  This San Francisco wedding was accented by colorful DIY decorations created by the bride and groom, and was held in a Julia Morgan designed building, the Portrero Neighborhood House, which made for a perfect wedding venue.  The twinkling Bay Bridge and S.F. cityscape  seen from the veranda provided stunning views.  Karin's sisters provided the entertainment with belly dancing and song, and the singing can be heard on this video.  This was a wedding full of life and laughs, and it was an honor to share it with their families.  Bowerbird Photography is so happy for Karin and Craig and wish these newly-weds joy, love, and more awesome dance moves for years to come!

We will post wedding photographs on this blog later this week, so check back soon. 

Please leave a comment; we would love to know what you think of this wedding video.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

San Pedro Park, Sam and Ariel's Barefoot Amble

 We took a break from business at Bowerbird Photography and ventured into San Pedro Park for a barefoot amble. Even while we took time off from our Bay Area family photography assignments, Sam couldn't help but take a few pictures. On the Hazelnut Trail, we encountered this eponymous specimen under our toes.

    You are welcome to join us and become a member of the sticky monkey club.  Membership lasts as long as the sticky monkey sticks!

     Yerba Santa.  Recommended treatment for colds and to clear the lungs.  Just boil as tea.  Never eat wild plants without absolutely certain identification and assurance of edibility!

    This buck was just as surprised to see us as we were surprised to see him.  He leapt into the foliage and then disappeared like a brown sugar cube in a cup of green tea.

    We actually considered having our wedding at San Pedro Park.  We still think it makes a great Bay Area wedding venue, since it is close to the City and contains nice grounds for wedding ceremonies and easy access to trails for after-wedding adventures and photographs.  In the end, we chose what ended up to be a perfect wedding location on Mt. Tam with sweeping views of the Bay as well as the gold hills and green forests of Mt. Tam (contact us if you want details - it's a bit of a secret wedding venue in the Bay Area since so few people seem to know about it - but we just loved the place for our small wedding.).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Northern California Wedding Photography

   Bowerbird Photography loved shooting this simple and elegant backyard wedding. The bride had such a lovely dress and everyone was so relaxed in the outdoor setting. It was in the bride's family's backyard in Napa County and we really couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather!

Monday, November 21, 2011

San Francisco Family Photography at the Palace of Fine Arts

   It's shoots like this one that makes us love being San Francisco family photographers! San Francisco is filled with so many unique, creative and fun families, making our job at Bowerbird Photography almost too much fun! Despite a crazy San Francisco rainy morning, this family was still game to take photos and even brought a bunch of super colorful wigs to wear. So great!

Family Photo Session at Clarion Alley

   Clarion Alley in the Mission is such a great photography spot in San Francisco. But the pictures won't be so special if it wasn't for this beautiful mom and son who joined us there this weekend. You could tell that they love each other so much and these photos captured that family bond, plus a lot of awesome color!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Palace of Fine Arts Family Photography

   A little sneak peak from our shoot this morning -- can these guys rock the wigs or what?! So fun!! This adorable family got me laughing uncontrollably.  Humor is always important in photo sessions to keep the mood light and add smiles to faces - joviality was definitely in no short supply today!  Looking at these pictures again make me break out smiling.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


   Sneak peak from a family photo shoot in Clarion Alley this morning. So much ♥!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Megan Wolfe

   Here are a few more images from our shoot with Megan Wolfe, our logo artist. We took photos along Lake Merritt in Oakland and then headed back to her studio to get some pictures of her at work. It's wonderful to see an artist who connects so much with her subjects and also creates such beautiful drawings.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


We spent the afternoon in Oakland today with our fabulous logo artist and friend Megan Wolfe and she took us to a bird sanctuary by Lake Merritt. We think this picture really captures her unique connection to the birds that she has spent years studying and drawing.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 11:11 - Celebrate Symmetry! With Ms. Pigeon!

       I wanted to do something in honor of this most symmetrical day, so while on a walk with Ariel, I encountered this pigeon and her shadow double, and thought it would make an appropriate image to share.  The pigeon seemed to strongly admire the shadow she threw, and strutted about with it, like a bride pulling her long train.  Okay, I'm a wedding photographer... so... not so surprising that that is the metaphor I chose. ;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Running Errands - Sam Takes Pics

    Ariel and I went out today to do some photography errands.  We picked up some prints we got developed in the Castro, visited USF Law School, and did a food review of some tasty lemon tarts in the Mission at "Knead Patisserie."  I took a small camera, and snapped a few shots.  Many of these pics are inspired by Muni.  I'm enjoying what visual miracles are to be found in the bizarre between-land of a bus ride, trying to take pictures ever so furtively so as not to disturb the scene.

    The foliage makes a wonderful pillow, don't you think?  Maybe you know her?  The Sleeping Hipster of Valencia St.

    Muni rides can be rough for us all.  After a long day at school, these kids seemed to have a lot on their minds.

    This baby stood out as an oasis of happiness on the Muni, about three rows up from where we sat.

   Waiting for the bus, after running an errand at USF School of Law.  I took this picture with my ear.  The man with the stylish, old-timey get-up swaggering around the corner is what makes this image so compelling, in my opinion - although it doesn't hurt to have a beautiful woman in the foreground.