Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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Ariel + Sam

Monday, September 17, 2012

Casey + Alex -- One Year Anniversary Photo Session

  Things got pretty steamy during this photo session!! Here's a little sneak peek from a one-year anniversary session we did with Casey + Alex in Nicasio. Seriously -- too much fun!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SF Street Food Festival Night Market

  The SF Bay Guardian sent us to the Night Market last Friday to take photos and well, eat a lot! We brought along our darling friend Matt and ate our way from one end the market to the other, sampling everything from crab soup to pork sandwiches. Nom nom nom!!

  To read our article in the SF Bay Guardian and to see more foodie photos, click here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sneak Peek -- Aimée + Gregory's Wedding in Rohnert Park

  Gregory was beyond giddy to see his bride. They had spent the morning apart to primp and prep for their big day and now it was finally time to for the "first look." Aimée looked absolutely stunning and beamed throughout the whole day! More photos to come soon. Congrats to these wonderful love birds!! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Becky + Glenn -- San Francisco Engagement Photo Session at Fort Mason

  Becky and Glenn met over a Scrabble board and the romance blossomed from there! They love the area around Fort Mason and Aquatic Park in San Francisco, so we met with them there to take their engagement photos on a classic foggy summer morning by the Bay. We had the best time using the fun architecture around Fort Mason and played with a "West Side Story" theme on the red staircases. Becky and Glenn are adorable together and we love that we got take photos of them, to celebrate their upcoming wedding! Congrats to them both!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Shower Sneak Peek!

    According to a guest, this couple always throws the best parties - not too long ago it was their elegant wedding.  Last weekend, we had the honor of photographing their beautiful baby shower.  The cake toppers were the cutest pink baby shoes I could just eat, and the cocktails were the most luscious pink made from hibiscus flowers.  All the perfect little details announced, "It's a Girl!"

    And she's going to be a fashionable one at that, confirmed by all the tiny dresses decorating the room that came straight from Mom's recent shopping trip to Hong Kong.  Other details like the popcorn "Ready to Pop" favors, fun parenting questionnaires, and beautiful flower arrangements prove that this little girl gets to look forward to having the absolutely best birthday parties on her block.

    The mother-to-be looked fabulous on her special day, in a beautiful summer dress, and an adorable white feather headband in her hair.  She and her husband led the guests in entertaining games, ranging from guessing the baby's name to a fierce men's competition where they suckled beer from baby bottles.

    It was a beautiful celebration, and wonderful to document all the friends and family that already love and adore this little baby girl to be.

VIP Mommy plays with one of the many cute kids at the baby shower.

Cute babies in attendance: a must for the perfect baby shower.

You know that they can't wait to be grandparents.  But this one's taken!

 Baby bump... bump... bump... bump :)

 The proudest Mom and Dad to be!

    Feel free to leave a comment to wish them and their new baby girl the best!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rooftop Party! (City View, Metreon - Lexus Laws of Attraction Photography Exhibition)

Actor Jamie King

   We're big fans of rooftop parties for the views.  This one overlooked Yerba Buena Park, with the MOMA resting its chin at the end. We sipped pinot noir, perfectly effervescent with age, and enjoyed a lovely sushi bar which made uni (sea urchin) our next favorite thing.  Happily, uni tends to be more sustainable than many seafood choices, allowing us to dine with a clearer conscience :) 
    It was also great to run into friends and meet some new ones.  It wasn't hard to find things in common, as so many of the guests were either musicians, actors, or in the fashion industry.  (We both play music, Sam used to be in the film/theater industry, and Ariel's spent plenty of time at the catwalk).  Ariel even got help from a new friend to convince Sam to go to the next fashion week in NY.  She was pretty happy about that. 

    Actor Jason Schwartzman

The sleeve and drape of her dress was wonderful.

Sam takes photos with a Leica M9.

Beautiful white dress and shoulder reveal.

Jason and Sam (Photo by Owen)

 Ariel only chooses cocktails that match her nails.  Just kidding ;)

Sam and Justy

Owen and Jason

   Ariel had a blast taking fab fashion photos for her blog, Street Threads.  Check out her blog for more fashion candy.