Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lune de Miel ♥ Hiking & Eating ♥ Apt to Bonnieux ♥ Provence, France

we took the train from paris to apt, in the south of france ... and arrived in an insane storm! oh my. we walked up and up through apt and found our little home stay ... and contemplated the weather and hoped that by tomorrow it would be better for the start of our hike.

the next day ... it was lovely out and we walked through the apt farmers' market as we started our 14 mile hike to bonnieux!

15 minutes into our hike ... we came across these gents -- and their cherry tree! so amazing! everywhere there were cherry trees -- dripping with fruit! best cherries i've ever eaten!

these little stripes are the markers for the trails in france. it's like a constant scavenger hunt -- looking for those little lines on trees and walls -- letting us know that YES -- we're still on the right path!


everything was so green from the rain ... i kept making sam stop and pose in all the green beauty.

later that afternoon, we arrived at our fancy-pants hotel (well, fancy-pants to us!), the Auberge de l'Aiguebrun ... this was their pretty dining room.

our adorable private cabin right along a little creek.

haha! sam was totally into learning french -- thankgoodness ms. mac gave him an awesome phrase book before we left! merci leenie!

view from our cabin.

and then the EATING began. it was totally cray-cray from here on out!!

trippy glasses.

all fotos by ariel & sam.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lune de Miel ♥ Paris, France ♥ Deuxième Journée

so on our second day in paris we totally woke up at noon ... after sleeping for 16 hrs straight! jet/wedding lag! opps. we were both starving ... so we walked around near our apt. and picked up many edible delights.

and made lunch! yum.

then we just walked ourselves silly through paris -- absorbing all the romance! seriously -- it's far too romantic in paris.

we stopped at the lovely basilique ste clotilde, as we made our way to the eiffel tower.

this park reminded us of dolores park in sf ...

oh and we had to stop for pastries on the way too ...

paris perfection!!

at sunset (around 10pm!) we chilled on the pont des arts ... can you spot sam?

and one block from our apt., we found this. sooo castro! love it!

all fotos by ariel & sam.