Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rooftop Party! (City View, Metreon - Lexus Laws of Attraction Photography Exhibition)

Actor Jamie King

   We're big fans of rooftop parties for the views.  This one overlooked Yerba Buena Park, with the MOMA resting its chin at the end. We sipped pinot noir, perfectly effervescent with age, and enjoyed a lovely sushi bar which made uni (sea urchin) our next favorite thing.  Happily, uni tends to be more sustainable than many seafood choices, allowing us to dine with a clearer conscience :) 
    It was also great to run into friends and meet some new ones.  It wasn't hard to find things in common, as so many of the guests were either musicians, actors, or in the fashion industry.  (We both play music, Sam used to be in the film/theater industry, and Ariel's spent plenty of time at the catwalk).  Ariel even got help from a new friend to convince Sam to go to the next fashion week in NY.  She was pretty happy about that. 

    Actor Jason Schwartzman

The sleeve and drape of her dress was wonderful.

Sam takes photos with a Leica M9.

Beautiful white dress and shoulder reveal.

Jason and Sam (Photo by Owen)

 Ariel only chooses cocktails that match her nails.  Just kidding ;)

Sam and Justy

Owen and Jason

   Ariel had a blast taking fab fashion photos for her blog, Street Threads.  Check out her blog for more fashion candy.

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