Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Running Errands - Sam Takes Pics

    Ariel and I went out today to do some photography errands.  We picked up some prints we got developed in the Castro, visited USF Law School, and did a food review of some tasty lemon tarts in the Mission at "Knead Patisserie."  I took a small camera, and snapped a few shots.  Many of these pics are inspired by Muni.  I'm enjoying what visual miracles are to be found in the bizarre between-land of a bus ride, trying to take pictures ever so furtively so as not to disturb the scene.

    The foliage makes a wonderful pillow, don't you think?  Maybe you know her?  The Sleeping Hipster of Valencia St.

    Muni rides can be rough for us all.  After a long day at school, these kids seemed to have a lot on their minds.

    This baby stood out as an oasis of happiness on the Muni, about three rows up from where we sat.

   Waiting for the bus, after running an errand at USF School of Law.  I took this picture with my ear.  The man with the stylish, old-timey get-up swaggering around the corner is what makes this image so compelling, in my opinion - although it doesn't hurt to have a beautiful woman in the foreground.

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