Wednesday, November 23, 2011

San Pedro Park, Sam and Ariel's Barefoot Amble

 We took a break from business at Bowerbird Photography and ventured into San Pedro Park for a barefoot amble. Even while we took time off from our Bay Area family photography assignments, Sam couldn't help but take a few pictures. On the Hazelnut Trail, we encountered this eponymous specimen under our toes.

    You are welcome to join us and become a member of the sticky monkey club.  Membership lasts as long as the sticky monkey sticks!

     Yerba Santa.  Recommended treatment for colds and to clear the lungs.  Just boil as tea.  Never eat wild plants without absolutely certain identification and assurance of edibility!

    This buck was just as surprised to see us as we were surprised to see him.  He leapt into the foliage and then disappeared like a brown sugar cube in a cup of green tea.

    We actually considered having our wedding at San Pedro Park.  We still think it makes a great Bay Area wedding venue, since it is close to the City and contains nice grounds for wedding ceremonies and easy access to trails for after-wedding adventures and photographs.  In the end, we chose what ended up to be a perfect wedding location on Mt. Tam with sweeping views of the Bay as well as the gold hills and green forests of Mt. Tam (contact us if you want details - it's a bit of a secret wedding venue in the Bay Area since so few people seem to know about it - but we just loved the place for our small wedding.).

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