Friday, June 29, 2012

A Surprise Proposal!

  Last week we got to do a very special photo session with Angela and Erica! Angela had called us several months ago, with a secret plan. She and her girlfriend were flying to San Francisco for a little vacation, and they were going to document their trip by taking professional couple's photos. Little did Angela know, Erica was planning to pop the question! After weeks of secret emails and calls with Angela, we finally met them in Golden Gate Park, for some lovely photos in front of the waterfall, boating on Stow lake, and among the flowers in the Botanical Gardens. We were all having so much fun, and eventually made our way to the Native California section, where there stands an enormous and beautiful buck-eye tree.  While Erica was perched like a bird on one of its long branches, Angela secretly took the ring from her pocket, and holding it out in front of her, asked Erica to marry her.  She said "Yes!"  Erica was totally surprised and it was really one of the most beautiful moments that we've had a chance to photograph. (Ariel cried like crazy!)
  We had brought some champagne and left them for a few minutes to celebrate alone, giving us a good opportunity to walk in the park and dry Ariel's eyes. Angela and Erica are such a sweet and perfect couple, and we wish them all the best on their amazing journey together. Congratulations!

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