Monday, June 4, 2012

My Muse

     When I'm not taking photos for clients, I can't help but turn the camera on Ariel.  She is, and has always been, my Muse.  I thought I'd share a few recent photographs I took of her.  These are portrait "studies," experimenting with different light configurations that communicate the unique truth of the moment, and express the emotion of the model - my beautiful wife.

     This is one of my favorites.  Ariel was in the dark shadows under the trees, just at the edge of a clearing, which reflected some soft light into her face, beautifully isolated her from the dark background.  I love having the opportunity to shoot these emotionally complex and mysterious images.

     This one looks like its fit for a hair commercial.

     Candid and whimsical!

     Ariel loves her crazy pink glasses, and they go so well with her scarf and the purple background.

     This is a light bath.  The afternoon sun flowed in through the windows and bounced off all the white walls and ceiling, creating this unique look.

     Thanks for taking a look!  We're busy editing loads of assignments, and will post some of new photos soon of our photographic adventures.

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