Monday, May 14, 2012

Bowerbird Photography Published in Seven Ponds

    We had the opportunity to serve a wonderful non-profit organization, Josie's Place, that offers peer-facilitated grief counseling to children and teens by taking photos at their 5th year anniversary celebration.  Sacred work.  Seven Ponds interviewed co-founder/director of Josie's Place, Pat Murphy.  In the article, Pat Murphy describes the grieving process and provides advice to people who have experienced loss.  The article also features some of Bowerbird Photography's photography.  We are grateful and proud to be photographers; to be chosen to document the rich texture of people's lives.  Photographs honor.  They cherish.  They remember.  We are ever mindful of our duty to create art that speaks simply and beautifully of the values we cherish the most.
    Click here to read the interview and see photos we took of the event, on Seven Ponds.   Or, click on the screenshot of the Seven Ponds homepage, to see some of our photos.

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