Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bowerbird Photography Published in San Francisco Magazine

  Look!! We have a full page photo of Fauxnique in the May issue of San Francisco Magazine, a fab drag SF performance artist. She's hitting all the newsstands and re-inventing ideas of femininity and sexuality. You go, girl!

  This shot was taken during a final dress rehearsal of her show, entitled "Luxury Items." It was a super fun shoot because it wasn't a public performance and we were able to run around on the stage and get some really intimate and creative angles. Fauxnique is unique, because she's a woman who dresses in drag. The design across her body in the photograph was made using a projection and makes it look like she is wrapped in a beautiful lace outfit. We're super excited to have our work featured in this iconic SF publication and to have been able to take photos of such a wonderful artist here in the Bay Area! We love covering LGBTQI events, performance art, and of course, weddings! We so enjoy being the go-to photographers, supporting this awesome and creative community in the Bay Area :)

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