Monday, May 28, 2012

75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge

    While out scouting a location for an engagement shoot this week, we thought we'd take a photograph of our stout and lusty bridge to commemorate its 75th anniversary today.  This image was taken milliseconds before these unsuspecting, sleepy, sunbathing seagulls were engulfed in a sudden, cold, salty shower.
     The bridge is a magical portal conveying us from our often cold, foggy weather in SF to the welcome, blaring heat of Marin.  Last time we traveled across it, we were returning from Mendocino, stopped to pay our toll, and were surprised to find that the driver ahead of us had paid our passage!  We are in love with this bridge.  There is something beautifully poetic about having a bridge for our city's primary icon.  We can never cross it without gazing out our windows in wonder.  It has patiently posed in the background for many of our engagement and family photo sessions, and we're sure to cast it in countless more shoots in the future.
     Thanks for all your hard work, and Happy Birthday!

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