Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Portrait Session with Louella -- the SF Milk Maid

  We met Louella a few weeks ago, when we went to cover one of her cheese making classes for the newspaper at the Ferry Building. After the class, she asked if we could come to her house and take some portraits for her. Ariel is a cheese fanatic -- so you can imagine how quickly she said "Yes please!" We went over to Louella's lovely cheese house this week and were totally blown away by the variety of moldy, stinky, creamy yumminess wafting from her house! Louella has been making cheese for many years and you can tell by the way she handles and talks about her cheese, how much she loves what she does. At the end of our visit, we realized we hadn't once asked her to "Say cheese!" How could we have passed that up :)

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