Thursday, March 15, 2012

San Francisco Yoga Boudoir - Elie at Bernal Heights - Part 2

    Here comes Part 2, of a gloriously sunny and windy boudoir photo shoot in San Francisco on Bernal Heights.  Not only did we have fun taking these nature and yoga inspired pictures, but Eli also had a blast starting her day with reinvigorating exercises.  Eli wanted some great photos of herself to remember how she looked at this time in her life, but she also had technical reasons for wanting these pics - so she could analyze her poses!  We think they look great!

    San Francisco just wakes up behind Elie, as we took some photos of her being playful and open to improvisation.

   This is a pose, or asana, in a sequence called a "Sun Salutation."  We love how this image captures her vibrant and courageous spirit.

    We found a bed of wild mustards in blossom and vibrant greens for her to relax in.  What a romantic place to take a nap :)

    We love how the purple mustard blossom followed the curve of her hip, and also complemented her purple lace.

     OMG!  Talk about turning traditional boudoir on its head!!!  This is amazing, Elie.

    Elie sits in the middle of a sacred walking labyrinth made of small stones.  Notice how her earrings echo the circles and turns of the labyrinth.

    The following three shots are out-of-this world!

    Elie has such a strong and amazing soul.  We wish her luck as she goes to medical school and continues to make an incredible difference in the world!

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