Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eternity Ball


   Bowerbird Photography covered the Eternity Ball on Valentine's Day a few weeks ago for the San Francisco Bay Guardian. This was a theme party that duplicated the experience of a wedding, albeit a wedding where all the guests are utter strangers!! Former brides ripped open their vaccum-packed wedding gowns, and grooms brushed up on their bow tying technique, for a most swank and wacky party. People dressed proper, but clowned about with a fool's care.

 Okay, one bride and groom took things seriously and actually went through a public recommitment ceremony, which was casual and sweet.  The kiss was quickly followed by the bouquet toss and garter belt fling (winner got free dry-cleaning…. ha-rah!), and segued into an all-brides first dance.  Bride power!

 We love shooting weddings, and this event was AWESOME to cover.  Brides could relive their wedding, saving their nails from needless anxiety, and dance the night away to some awesome 80s and 90s cover bands.  With a $150 admission fee, the attendees were seriously invested in having a good time, everyone dressed up and looked San Fran-bulous, and teetered out having drunk their money's worth.  

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