Friday, March 30, 2012

Bridal Photo Session - San Francisco Wedding Photography - Part 2 - Palace of Fine Arts

    The wedding dress by Jinza fit perfectly, as shown in this detail shot.

    This is part two of our bridal shoot photos. We had such a fantastic time taking these photos and are so excited to be able to share them with you! Can't you just feel the love between these two when you see them together?! Love it!  The Palace of Fine Arts served as a gorgeous backdrop, that worked well with their classic look.

    These two not only look great, but the authenticity of the moment is captured so well that I can almost hear their laughter coming through the photograph!

     A photograph that conveys the optimistic dreams of a young couple on their wedding day.

    Wow!  Doesn't she look great?

     It is almost magical how the struts of the parasol form a heart, a perfect symbol for the occasion.  A wedding photographer must remember not only to document the how the wedding dress looks from the front, but also get all the details from behind, but do so in a manner that captures the elegant curves and romance of the dress.  This photograph is reminiscent of a silhouette, in how it features the simplicity and beauty of the form.

     A floral masterpiece by Honey Pear Floral Designs!  Tell us if you've ever seen a bouquet quite like it.  The delicate yellow orchids are arranged beautifully on flowing branches of pussy willow, in a cascade of flowers that fall from a crown shaped handle.  This innovative arrangement complements the sophistication of the bride's raw silk mermaid gown perfectly.

    What bride doesn't want to feel a little sexy in her wedding dress?  Are we right?

      A strong grip brings the groom in for a tender and playful kiss.  What a story this photograph tells!

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