Monday, January 23, 2012

San Francisco City Hall Photographs of Janice + Travis' Wedding

    Bowerbird Photography ( couldn't have been more thrilled than to shoot this wedding in San Francisco's gorgeous beaux-arts styled City Hall (which looks almost exactly like a building in Paris, called Les Invalides) not only because it is a photographer's playground, but because the couple themselves were so warm and easy-going.  The sweeping architecture provided a perfectly romantic setting for their simple and elegant wedding, filled with loving friends and family.

    For a spectacular contrast to City Hall, we joined the couple for a trip underground on MUNI, where we joined the gape-jawed commuters for a trip to the waterfront.  We took wedding couples portraits, aka "the romantics," on a fishing pier while a sailboat regatta raced around us.  While thunderstorms had threatened all day, this couple had the magic luck of newlyweds, and the sky was perfectly blue with picturesque cumulous clouds cottoning the horizon.

    Congratulations Janice and Travis!!!

    Stay tuned as we post more awesome photos of the wedding on our blog.

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Eric law said...

Hi Bowerbird,

I am amazed by your technique in taking photos. This collection is a testament to your skill and speaks well of you as a photographer. It's no surprise that I am awed by the quality of your pictures. I tip my hat off to you!

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer