Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Occupy SF Closed by SF Police Today

    Ariel and I took these pictures at Occupy San Francisco.  People were eager to talk and share their stories with us.  Others have covered the political aspect of the protesters, but we were more interested in getting the personal stories and photographs of the protesters, and try to remain objective.  We learned that for many individuals, Occupy SF represented a home they otherwise would not have, and meant that they had a place to go at night that was safe.
    Today, San Francisco police raided the encampment and arrested many individuals.  There are some reports that the police used force to make these arrests.
    Our pictures simply attempt to show who some of the individuals are behind Occupy SF, which we thought especially relevant given recent events.  We invite comments below.

    Ariel took the photograph above, and the one below, for her San Francisco Street Threads column a couple weeks ago, in order to cover the fashion of the movement.  

     Question: "What does Occupy SF mean to you and how long have you been here?"

     Jackie: "The people reclaiming everything.  The system that is in place is not sustainable.  We need a change.  Everyone needs to be valued as a full human being.  I've been here on and off for a couple of weeks."

    Question: "What does Occupy SF mean to you and how long have you been here?"

    Waldo: "It's the act of a moment on an awakening.  I hitched here from Denver and got here on Saturday."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting faces to the story. Pictures go a long way to proving the stereotypes wrong.