Friday, July 15, 2011

Lune de Miel ♥ Arles, France ♥ Premier Jour

we spent the next two days chilling in arles, a totally lovely city full of amazing food and cool street art by miss tic ;)

this cheese shop was wonderful and the owner was hilarious! he convinced us that eating cheese is soo good for our health! at the amount we were eating everyday ... we sure hoped it was good for us. 

this was the block of our homestay -- the prettiest in all of arles, we thought. and our room was great -- almost the whole top floor of an ancient building. it's an artist's homestay and people can rent out this room for weeks or months and the idea is that there's enough room in there to actually set up a working art studio.

thrifting!! i now own that awesome yellow bathing suit.

and to end our day ... dinner at le 16 ... totally scrumptious!!

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